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The Proceedings to the Eighth International Space Syntax Symposium includes a printed book containing all abstracts and an accompanying CD with all full-length papers. All papers can be downloaded here. For referencing purposes, they should always be referenced as part of the proceedings as one publication.

You can browse the papers in two ways, either down below per theme, or in the complete list (see the menu to the left). Short Papers are listed under corresponding theme, at the end of the list.

Proceedings: Eighth International Space Syntax Symposium
Editors: Margarita Greene, José Reyes, Andrea Castro.
Santiago de Chile: PUC, 2012.
ISBN: 978-956-345-862-6

SSS8 Themes:

Architectural Theory and Spatial Analysis

Long Papers
The Impact of Spatial Parameters on Spatial Structuring
8019. Tao YANG, Bill HILLIER

Imaginative content and building form in the Seattle Public Library
8087. Julie Brand ZOOK, Sonit BAFNA

The Imaginative Function of Architecture: a clarification of some conceptual issues
8117. Sonit BAFNA

An Analytical Tool for Thinking and Talking About Space
8136. Pelin DURSUN

Architectural Disjunctions, Morphological Identity and Syntactic Constrast of Visibility and Permeability
8143. Daniel KOCH

Isovists Revisited. Egocentric Space, Allocentric Space, and the Logic if the Mannequin
8144. Daniel KOCH

Activity Shapes: Analysis Methods of Video Recorded Human Activities in Space
8196. Paula GOMEZ ZAMORA, Mario ROMERO, Ellen YI-LUEN DO

Short Papers
The Impacts of Spatial Configuration and Merchandising on the Shopping Behavior in the Complex Commercial Facilities
066. Seon Young MIN, Chan Ju KIM, Young Ook KIM

Development of Spatial Index Based on Visual Analysis to Predict Sales
8076. Eun Mi KONG, Young Ook KIM

Metropolitan Architecture: the hidden design lessons
8185. Guilherme LASSANCE, Cauê CAPILLÉ

Building Morphology and Usage

Long Papers
The Generative Office Building
8010. Kerstin SAILER, Ros POMEROY, Aabid RAHEEM, Andrew BUDGEN, Nathan LONSDALE

Common socio-spatial aspects of historic houses in Ardabil, Iran

Thinking Critically Towards Excellence in School Buildings. Using Space Syntax as a Catalyst for Change
8018. Teresa HEITOR, Rafaela MARQUES PINTO

Out of Sight, Out of Reach. Correlating Spatial Metrics of Nurse Station Typology with Nurses’ Communication and Co-awareness in an Intensive Care Unit
8039. Hui CAI, Craig ZIMRING

A configurational study of pedestrian flows in multi-level commercial space - case study Shanghai
8044. Lingzhu ZHANG, Yu ZHUANG, Xiaoling DAI

CampusAnalyst. Towards a spatial benchmarking system for university campuses. A case study of the university Hamm-Lippstadt - PPT
8083. Christian SCHWANDER, Christine KOHLERT, Raman ARAS

A study on space configuration of elementary schools and children activity in free time
8093. Mayuko TAGUCHI, Tatsuya KISHIMOTO

Study of visual continuity of spaces inside houses to alleys in Yanaka (Japanese traditional city in Tokyo)
8113. Tomofumi FUJII, Tatsuya KISHIMOTO

Decomposing Programmes, Re-Coding Hospital Work with Spatially Syntactic Information - PPT
8145. Daniel KOCH, Jesper STEEN

Analysis of Strongly Programmed Workplace Environments: Architectural Configuration and Time-Space Properties Of Hospital Work - PPT
8146. Daniel KOCH, Jesper STEEN

Modern dwelling in the 1970s: A syntactic analysis of residences in JOÃO PESSOA, Brazil - PPT

How Do We Read Narratives within Geometric Order of Space? Morphologies of Museum Intertwining or Dissociating Navigation and Exhibit Viewing
8175. İpek Kaynar ROHLOFF

Can genotype patterns change over time? - PPT
8215. Viviane CUNHA

The role of space towards intelligibility and comfort in justice facilities - PPT
8217. Mateus Paulo BECK

The forms of residential density in the contemporary city. The case of Santiago, Chile - PPT
8266. Magdalena VICUÑA

Short Papers
Accessibility, real estate, tourism and a building menagerie: the architectural moulding of Eng. Roberto Freire avenue in Natal, Brazil
8181. Rodrigo Costa do NASCIMENTO

Analyzing Patient Flow: Reviewing Literature to Understand the Contribution of Space Syntax to Improve Operational Efficiency in Healthcare Settings
8183. Nayma KHAN

Space syntax in museum exhibition security and scripting effects: The Museo Nacional de Colombia

Historical Evolution of the Built Form

Long Papers
Organic and inorganic overlapping in Old Barcelona

The Morphological Evolution of Macau
8058. Chen FENG, Haofeng WANG, Xiaojun RAO

Traditional Shopping: A Syntactic Comparison of Commercial Spaces in Iran and Turkey - PPT
8099. Erincik EDGÜ, Alper ÜNLÜ, Mehmet Emin ŞALGAMCIOĞLU, Ashkan MANSOURI

Configuring Academia, Academic Entities and Spatial Identities
8147. Daniel KOCH, Anders BERGSTRÖM, Lars MARCUS

Emergent Configurational Effects of Differentiated Growth Patterns at Oporto’s Urban Fringe
8159. Miguel SERRA, Paulo PINHO

Urban Rhythms: Historic Housing Evolution and Socio-Spatial Boundaries
8161. Garyfalia PALAIOLOGOU, Laura VAUGHAN

The use of space syntax in historical research: current practice and future possibilities

Hidden Urban Revolution in Kaunas Downtown Area: 1935-1988-2011

Old and New City: Morphological Analysis of Antakya
8251. Mehmet TOPÇU, Ayşe Sema KUBAT

The Atlanta Streetcar: an analysis of its development and growth as it relates to the Core Cognitive Structure of the City - PPT
8253. S. Dawn HAYNIE

Methodological Development and Modelling

Long Papers
Combination of Space Syntax with Spacematrix and the Mixed Use Index. The Rotterdam South test case
8003. Akkelies van NES, Meta BERGHAUSER PONT

Degrees of sustainable location of railway stations: Integrating Space syntax and Node place value model on railway stations in the province of North Holland’s strategic plan for 2010-2040 - PPT
8005. Akkelies van NES, Egbert STOLK

Computer Vision of Mobility in Informal Learning Spaces
8015. Ana TOMÉ, Teresa HEITOR

Towards a multi-modal space syntax analysis. A case study of the London street and underground network
8021. Stephen LAW, Alain CHIARADIA, Christian SCHWANDER.

The Effects of Urban Form on Walking to Transit - PPT
8030. Ayşe ÖZBIL, John PEPONIS

Comparative Analysis of Neighbourhoods Using Local Graph Spectra
8034. Sean HANNA

View and Viewed Analysis

Understanding Coherence Between Functional and Compositional Structures of the City: A Case Study of Local Centres in Vilnius
8050. Justinas BUČYS

Evaluating the Spatial Distribution of Middle and Large Scale Movement Routes in The Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre - Brazil
8052. Cláudio UGALDE, Fábio ZAMPIERI, Décio RIGATTI, Andrea BRAGA

Generative Structures in Cities - PPS
8070. Kinda AL_SAYED, Alasdair TURNER, Sean HANNA.

A study about the pedestrian distribution in the commercial buildings by the location of stores and the structure of the walking space - PPT
8094. Masaya FUJITANI, Tatsuya KISHIMOTO

Integrating public transport networks in the axial model
8103. Jorge GIL

Establishing parameters for urbanity
8109. Robson CANUTO, Luiz AMORIM

Amsterdam and its Region as a Layering of Socio-Technical Systems
8119. Stephen READ, Jorge GIL

Origin-destination weighting in agent modelling for pedestrian movement forecasting - PPT
8153. Pete Ferguson, Eva Friedrich, Kayvan Karimi.

From the axial line to the walked line: Evaluating the utility of commercial and user-generated street network datasets in space syntax analysis
8211. Ashley DHANANI, Laura VAUGHAN, Claire ELLUL, Sam GRIFFITHS.

Order, Structure and Disorder in Space Syntax and Linkography: Intelligibility, Entropy, and Complexity Measures
8242. Tamer EL-KHOULY, Alan PENN

Short Papers
Valdivia – Refining Its Mobility. A case study - PDF
8165. Javiera MAIRA, Daniel OSTROWSKI

Spatial Cognition

Long Papers
Turning the shelves: Empirical findings and Space Syntax analyses of two virtual supermarket variations
8020. Christopher KALFF, David KÜHNER, Martin SENK, Ruth CONROY-DALTON, Gerhard STRUBE, Christoph HÖLSCHER.

Perceptual Tuning of a simple Box - PPT
8024. Sonit BAFNA, Anna LOSONCZI, John PEPONIS

The effect of built space on wayfinding in urban environments: a study of the historical peninsula in Istanbul - PPT
8029. Ayşe Sema KUBAT, Ayşe ÖZBİL, Özlem ÖZER, Harun EKİNOĞLU

Wayfinding and spatial configuration: evidence from street corners
8098. Beatrix EMO, Christoph HÖLSCHER, Jan M. WIENER, Ruth Conroy DALTON

Evaluating Way-Finding Ability Within Urban Environment - PPT
8204. Abdelbaseer A. MOHAMED

The cognitive dynamics of configurational understanding
8229. Rodrigo MORA

Wayfinding measurement through path choice opportunity
8245. Andre Soares LOPES, Antonio Paulo de Hollanda CAVALCANTE

Short Papers
An analysis of wellbeing centres in Northern Ireland using Space Syntax
8011. Verity FAITH, Karim HADJRI

From structure to perception – Investigating patterns of space and use at the beach (Fortaleza, Brazil)

Connected urban spaces: exploring interactions mediated through situated networked screens
8201. Ava FATAH GEN SCHIECK, Shaojun FAN.

Urban Structure and Spatial Distribution

Long Papers
Identifying Accessibility Problems in Deteriorated Urban Areas, A Case Study of Tehran, Iran

Arab Walled Cities: Investigating Peripheral patterns in Historic Cairo, Damascus, Alexandria, and Tripoli
8002. Nabil MOHAREB, Robert KRONENBURG

Space and Panic. The application of Space Syntax to understand the relationship between mortality rates and spatial configuration in Banda Aceh during the tsunami 2004
8004. FAKHRURRAZI, Akkelies van NES

Analysis of the relation between spatial structure and the sustainable development level, a case study from Mashhad/Iran

Spatial Configurations of the Urban Cores in Central India
8028. Priya CHOUDHARY, Vinayak ADANE

Syntactic properties of evacuation and access routes in earthquake vulnerable settlements
8038. Fırat SARI, Ayşe Sema KUBAT

Measures of the fit between street network, urban blocks and building footprints - PPT
8101. Alice VIALARD

Measuring sustainable accessibility potential using the mobility infrastructure’s network configuration
8104. Jorge GIL, Stephen READ

Of Spatial Re-Configuration and Centrality Losses and Gains
8108. Clovis DIAS, Edja TRIGUEIRO

An Analysis of Urban Hotel Location Focusing on Market Segment and Local & Foreign Guest Preference
8111. Eun Min PARK, Young Ook KIM

Culture and Commerce of Chennai City – A Spatial Analysis of The Relationship Between Temples and Retail Activity
8120. Sucharita SRIRANGAM, W. FORSYTH.

Order & disorder in Brasilia & Chandigarh - PPT
8122. Frederico DE HOLANDA, Valério MEDEIROS

Urban morphology and public transportation system: the segregation process in Goiânia, Brazil
8124. Patrick Di Almeida VIEIRA, Valério Augusto Soares de MEDEIROS.

The convergence of patterns in the city: (Isolating) the effects of architectural morphology on movement and activity - PPT
8167. Vinicius NETTO, Renato SABOYA, Julio VARGAS, Lucas FIGUEIREDO, Cássio FREITAS, Maíra PINHEIRO

The use of Space Syntax in urban transport analysis: limits and potentials - PPT
8214. Rafael Henrique Moraes PEREIRA, Frederico Rosa Borges de HOLANDA, Valério Augusto Soares de MEDEIROS, Ana Paula Borba Gonçalves BARROS

Short Papers
Distinct Scales of Centrality. A Comparative Study of the Cariri Metropolitan Regio in Ceará, Brazil
8134. Ana Paula CAMPOS GURGELl, Edja TGUEIRO

From Sanhauá to New Centralities. Morphologic Changes in the Urban Development of João Pessoa, State of Paraíba, Brazil
8158. Eudes RAONY SILVA

Urban Space and Social Phenomena

Long Papers
Applıcatıon of Space Syntax in Developıng. A Regeneratıon Framework for Sharjah’s Herıtage Area
8040. Ayse Sema KUBAT, Samia RAB, Yasemin İNCE GÜNEY, Özlem ÖZER, Serdar KAYA

The Royal Bafokeng Nation: Cultural Identity and Spatial expression
8067. Bridget HORNER

The relationship of spatial configuration and socio-economic conditions in São Paulo, Brazil - PPT

Urban Transformation Process of the historic town Tong-li, China - an illustration of the self-organization law - PPT
8092. Yong CHEN, Lihong NI, Li LI, Xiaoling DAI

Intensifying the Atmospheric: A Post-Phenomenological Reappraisal of the Ambiance of Urban Space
8105. Lasse Suonperä LIEBST

Frontier conurbations: rather than twin cities, a symbiotic outcome of two national cultures and identities - PPT

Configuration, land use, perception, and security: an analysis of residential burglary - PPT
8130. Antônio Tarcísio REIS, Caroline Gonçalves ROSA

The segregated classes: spatial and social relationships in slums
8150. Ed PARHAM

An evidence informed approach to developing an adaptable regeneration programme for declining informal settlements - PPT
8151. Kayvan KARIMI, Ed PARHAM

Space Syntax Economics, Decoding Accessibility using Property Value and Housing Price in Cardiff, Wales

A safe haven from the storm? Disaster recovery and space - PPT

Time use and movement behaviour of young people in cities. The application of GPS tracking in tracing movement pattern of young people for a week in Aalborg - PPT
8224. Henrik HARDER, Akkelies van NES, Anders SORGENFRI JENSEN, Kristian HEGNER REINAU, Michael WEBER

Public Urban Space

Long Papers
Detroit –The Fall of the Public Realm: The Street Network and its Social and Economic Dimensions from 1796 to the Present - PPT
8060. Sophia PSARRA, Conrad KICKERT

The Transformation Logic of Public Space in Rural Settlement of Tai Lake Area - case study Kaihsienkung, China - PPT
8071. Li LI, Xiaoling DAI

Urban Diversity and Pedestrian Behavior - Refining the concept of land-use mix for walkability - PDF
8073. Eunyoung CHOI, Sara SARDARI SAYYAR

The Need for Co-Presence in Urban Complexity – Measuring Social Capital using Space Syntax - PPT
8074. Lars MARCUS, Ann LEGEBY

Operationalising public space activity and structuring redevelopment through public facilities planning in a configurational urban structure
8118. Stephen READ, Jingya WANG

The configurational performance of four civic squares in Brazil
8126. Ludmila Dias FERNANDES, Valério Augusto Soares de MEDEIROS

Street markets, multiple and complex urban phenomena: Investigating the street markets of Campina Grande and Caruaru (Brazil)
8142. Gustavo MIRANDA, Circe MONTEIRO

Improving pedestrian accessibility to public space through Space Syntax analysis
8223. Rubén TALAVERA

Neighborhood Design and Health: Characteristics of the Built Environment and Health-Related Outcomes for Residents of Detroit Neighborhoods - PPT
8236. Jean D. WINEMAN, Robert W. MARANS, Amy J. SCHULZ, Diaan VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, Graciela MENTZ, Paul MAX

Short Papers
Using Space Syntax to convert a Brownfield area into a innovative park: The case of Kayseri, Turkey
8023. Ayşe Sema KUBAT, Özlem KEVSEROĞLU, Ayşe Özbil TORUN

Vulnerability on the way to school
8121. Danilo Wanderley Matos DE ABREU, Edja Bezerra Faria TRIGUEIRO

The Valley of Fear – The morphology of crime, a case study in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brasil
8250. Lia Tavares MONTEIRO